Monday, January 4, 2010

Top Ten Concepts

Tapping Into Global Market... expected in companies (why?) as products and services developed in one country are finding enthusiastic acceptance in other countries.

2.are based on factors that draws companies into the international arena (how?) as it presents higher profits, has larger customer base, independence from one market, competition with global competitors and international service is required.

3.must first define (what?) its marketing objectives and policies.

4.should be rated into three criteria (how?) – market attractiveness, risk, and competitive advantage.

5.has two typical entry strategies (what?) – waterfall approach and sprinkler approach.

6.have distinctions between(what?) developed and developing markets.

7.should have the best mode of entry(what?) – indirect exporting, direct exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and direct investment.

8.makes companies decide on a marketing program (how?) through product level, communication level, price level, and distribution level.

9.can affect consumers and business alike (how?) by country of origin perceptions.

10.makes companies manage their international marketing activity in three ways (how)?: through export departments, international divisions, or a global organization.

Mikey Tolentino (January 2010)